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I had a not at fault car accident 5 years ago. After the accident I went to hospital and they didn't do any x-rays, prescribed me some pills and sent me home.. i started to see a chiropractor for my stiff back. I was cut off treatment and told unless I go on disability they weren't paying anymore. In November 2015 I was on my way to work and a guy ran his red light and pulled a u-turn infront of me and he wrote off my car. I have been in treatment seeing a chiropractor and a massage therapist since the first week of December. I requested an MRI because I felt like something was off.. I went in April 2016 and i have 2 bulging discs and a herniated disc which is constantly pushing on my nerves and is hard for me to be as active as I use to be. My doctor recommended going to physio. I have insurance coverage through my work as well as my spouse and as such had to max both ours out before the new year and after my insurance company pays.. I also had a minor concussion, used a lot of sick time (not consecutively) and I work a desk job. The other guys insurance company keeps calling me to sign a release of my medical records and I called a lawyer who said I didn't have a case. I'm not sure how to proceed with his insurance company because I know they are going to try to put me through the ringer and I don't want to get stuck paying for all my treatments because I wasn't at fault. I had to replace my car ( just bought it 5 months previous), take time off work (using sick and vacation time), buy a new bed (for back support), now because I'm not as active due to lack of mobility I'm gaining weight, which isn't good for my spine either. With the concussion I had migraines. I feel constantly stiff. I just want my life back and need some advice. Thank You
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