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hi, I have had 2 slip n falls at my work /office property. both in the winter. first in 2012, if I recall and then the last one in March of 2014. I fell on ice during a snow storm on the property. at the time didn't think I hurt myself, but as months went by, into late fall of 2014 and winter noticed that I had constant pain down the leg I fell on. Thought it would pass. Since then, have not gone to the Dr. because it's probably a soft tissue injury. Can't sleep and take a lot of over the counter meds. Can I still make a claim now that the time has passed and what sort of compensation would be involved?

If two years passed since the first fall then you can't claim in relation to that incident since the limitation period is 2 years. With respect to the March 2014 incident, you still have time but If you fell on your employer's property during work time then it may be worker's compensation (WSIB) case in which case you can't claim for your injuries. Feel free to contact me at the email or number below and we can discuss your claim(s) in greater detail to see if you can get compensation for your injuries. Last point: the fact that someone sustains "soft tissue" injuries (rather than a broken bone) does not mean that he or she is not entitled to compensation. In fact, in some instances soft tissue injuries turn into debilitating chronic pain and some of these cases have resolved for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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