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I'm appealing the denial of my LTD claim. My deadline to submit is January 30 2017. I feel pretty confident I will have the appeal done before that date, however, I want to know if I still have any recourse should a second denial is made, yet the denial is made AFTER the 2 year deadline. (Eg: I submit my appeal on January 15 2017, then it takes the insurance company 2 months..or more... to respond and it is yet another denial of my claim. Since I received the response after the 2 years to appeal, do I have any recourse or options to litigate after this 2nd denial. Thank you VERY much for your help

Unfortunately LTD appeals rarely work because you are appealing essentially to the same people who cut you off (hence why you are appealing for the SECOND time). Please contact me directly at my number or email below and we will explain exactly what your options are. LTD claims are fairly easy to resolve. Unfortunately people often try the appeals process and get frustrated by the denials, which are almost arbitrary. We deal with such cases daily and I talk about this on the radio: Please call or email me and we will help.
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