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My daughter, 17 with G2 license, was in a single vehicle accident. She was the lone occupant. The passenger side tires touched the soft shoulder and pulled her into the ditch. The road is country two lanes. By this I mean three is room for two cars to pass each other but there is not a line in the middle and its not paved like a regular highway but better than tar and gravel. She hit a culvert at the end of a driveway. This launched the car over the driveway and into the ditch on the other side. (Same side of the road.) Insurance is in good standing but it's an older car so no collision. Her injuries are sore head and neck as well as broken L1 and L2 in her back. We have spoken with the insurance company and so far they seem to be good.offering hospital bed rental for her comfort and some other items. We haven't gotten into physio yet. We've haven't been in such a situation before and don't know what to expect or questions to ask. Honestly never even read the full insurance documents when we bought the insurance. But do many? The insurance company is primium. Just want the best treatments for our daughter so she can fully recover. Any guidance is welcomed
Thank you for your time

Feel free to give me a call or email at the email/number below if you'd like to talk about your daughter's situation. Ultimately the insurer will pay various accident benefits (such as medical and rehabilitation benefits) but if they stop prematurely you should contact me asap.
Sivan Tumarkin
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