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I recently Dec 30.2016 was shopping at Zehrs in the produce isle and a highly stacked produce cart hit me from behind with quite a thump at around noon hour. He immediately apologized and I was quite shocked and did feel some discomfort. He was then said to another clerk that he just arrived to work and seemed quite perplexed. I told him I thought I was alright but did report this to the overall manager and he just took my name with no other particulars. I am a very active 71 yr old senior but wonder if this is something I should pursue further as it was quite a thump but have not noted any bruises as yet?

If you haven't noticed bruising and you don't feel any pain then there is not much you can or in my opinion should do legally. If however you were injured and the pains persist you would have a legal claim against the store and we can help with that.
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