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Is there any formula to calculate how much to ask as a settlement in an accident insurance claim? My husband had an accident at a neighbours house while he was helping the neighbour clear snow & he slipped and his hand went into the snowblower chute. He required two surgeries with finally an amputation of part of one finger & a permanent metal brace in another. He has constant pain & has lost a good percentage of his strength, flexibility & manouverability of his left hand. He cannot grip tools like he used to, everything takes longer and he often drops things. The insurance company has told us that we have to calculate an amount as damages & I have no idea how to go about doing that. Any info would be helpful. Thanks

There is no formula. You can go to to check what the range of pain suffering is for this injury but the calculator doesn't take into account other categories of damages such as loss of income, out of pocket expenses, etc. This kind of injury, depending on more particulars, could have a value in the six-figure range or even more. Please contact me at the number and/or email below and we can discuss it in greater detail.
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