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a friend of mine who also happens to be my tenant, renting a room in my house for reduced rent in exchange for housekeeping duties, laundry,cooking etc. was hurt in a slip and fall accident outside a grocery store and now needs a knee replacement due to the fall. Since the accident she has not been able to do anything as she can barely walk, therefore i have went from being her landlord to full time care giver 24/7. plus taking her to Dr appointments, specialist appointments, shopping etc as well as everything else that comes up. Due to this fall she is not able to work and now is way behind in her rent which is creating a serious financial hardship for me, to the point of barely being able to make mortgage payments, utility payments etc. im constantly getting collection/disconnection notices My question is this: can i be compensated for caregiver duties that have been thrust upon me She has retained a lawyer and the lawsuit is underway, but her lawyer is telling me that the only thing im entitled to is mileage for taking her to appointments and shopping etc.

Excellent question. The answer is yes. Your friend's lawyer is wrong. All that needs to be done is for you and your friend to document the services you are providing her and a simple written agreement that states that she owes you for the services you are providing. You should then keep track of the types of services provided, dates and times of the services provided, and your hourly rate (which should be comparable to market rates). Your friend would then advance these owed service IOUs, as part of her out of pocket expense claim. This is quite common. If your friend has any questions, have her contact me.
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