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I was injured in a place of business. I was sitting waiting for a friend and was asked by an employee to try out a piece of equipment that was on a platform about 6 inches off the floor, after declining to try it out, and the employee asking me several times, I agreed to try it, not realizing how close to the edge this piece of equipment was to that step, I went to take a step and fell on my back, fracturing my back and now have to deal with chronic pain, and depression as i have not been able to work. While I was at the hospital, I later found out that an employee told my friend that this is the third time that day that someone has fallen off the step. I did hire a lawyer and instead of the business responding to his letters, they closed their doors, I am assuming in hopes that I would give up, eventually the lawyer did track them down and they did have insurance. Just would like your opinion on the success of this case, I know I went up the step, but they knew it was unsafe since an employee said several people had fallen that day alone, if this does go to court, do you think it looks bad on them that they just closed down their business after my lawyer tried to contact them? Just looking for another opinion. Thank you in advance for your response

If the business had insurance at the time of the accident then it should be accessible and will respond to your claim assuming you know who the insurer is. Based on the description of the incident the business will be liable (i.e. found at fault) for this accident, especially if there were prior instances. The key thing here is to make sure there is insurance to respond to your claim. Everything else should fall into place right after. Let me know if you need further assistance. My contact info is below.
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