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Hi. I am on long term disability due to a slip and fall I had. I have seen many specialists and one that I have been seeing is a bone specialist that I have seen every six months and is treating me for osteoporosis. My insurance company has contacted the bone specialist with regards to my limitations, what I can and cannot do, my complaints, how frequently I complain, future treatment plans etc. The pain management clinic has already made notes of all this, as well as my family doctor, how can they expect someone who sees me once every six months, and does not ask me about restrictions, limitations etc.. to answer all these questions, it does not make sense to me, is the bone specialist under any obligation to answer these questions?
thank you for your response in advance

The insurer is entitled to request as much information as it requires in order to determine whether you are totally disabled as per the policy. Of course there are limits to such requests but the practical reality is such that if you do not provide it with all the information it requires/requests, you will likely be cut off or denied. So my advice is to provide them with any and all information they require. If they cut you off or deny you disability payments then contact me immediately at the number or email below and my team and I will help you.
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