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Hi there. My question has to do with travel insurance claims, so I'm not sure that you will be able to help. I am insured with the Active Retired Teachers plan which is underwritten by Allianz Global Assistance, and was recently treated in Florida for a sudden onset of pain and numbness on the left side of my face. The doctor there suspected stroke, lesions or Bells Palsy and ordered a CAT scan which was approved by the Insurer over the phone. Fortunately I was given the all clear, although I continue to suffer numbness on my left side of the face. I am following up with my family doctor now that I am home. My question relates to whether the Insurance Company can claim that this was a pre-existing condition, as I was treated for an Ear Infection before I left Canada. Our telephone conversations to date have made me suspect that they will try to connect the one with the other. Any advice appreciated!

We certainly deal with travel insurance claims. However, I can't determine if a particular condition could be used to justify a denial of coverage based on a "pre-existing" exclusion provision without reviewing the policy. My advice is to continue dealing with the insurer and if they deny coverage in the future contact me immediately so we could help.
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Hi Sivan. You may not remember this correspondence from almost a year and a half ago, however a few things have come to light that may necessitate some legal action. The insurance company denied my coverage, and I let it go because my policy does not cover pre-existing conditions. Since coming back to Ontario, however, I have been to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist, an Oral specialist and had an MRI. All the medical professionals consulted confirmed that my 'condition' (ie the numbness and need for a medical visit) had nothing to do with my ear. Just yesterday I received an invoice from the walk in clinic here in Florida stating that my insurance company was refusing to pay them for the office visit because they deemed it a pre-existing condition. Is this a fight worth undertaking in your opinion? Why is it that this was never communicated to me until now, and that I had to call the clinic head office to get an explanation for the invoice amount? How far back are they entitled to deny coverage? And if they are entitled, then perhaps I should be too, and demand that they now reimburse me for the cost of the CT scan? Your advice appreciated.
Whether or not it make sense to fight your insurer on this travel insurance dispute depends on the amount in question. Please email or call me at my contact information below and we can discuss.


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