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my wife has a pre existing disability. she is able to walk and feed herself but cannot work or be active in any type of sport. for so mental therapy when she is feeling well enough she has been volunteering at a horse farm just down the road from our home. she does not go often because she cannot handle much activity. at the farm she is able to assist in watering the horses, feeding, brushing them etc. not much but she tries. recently a new horse was introduced to the farm and my wife was adjusting the blanket that was on the horses back. the horse kicked her in the face and knocked her to the ground. an ambulance took her to the hospital. she was released that evening. she complained of dramatic head pain and jaw pain. later that week she passed out at home while standing at the patio door. she remembers our dog trying to get her attention and then says she walked down the hall passing out again. this has led to another visit to the hospital. now being diagnosed with a major concussion and jaw displacement. she was kept in hospital for a few days this time. when my wife arrived at the hospital with these concuss symptoms she was able to provide identification and my benefits card. my benefits only cover the standard room however the floor she was put on only has private rooms. we now have a $2000. bill. we did not ask for the private room nor was it mentioned to either of us about the billing. with my wife now well medicated she did not think about this. This did not cross my mind as I figured she was in this area because of her symptoms of not being able to handle any light or any noise even talking for that matter. My questions right now are, is there anything I can do about the bill and Is there any recourse we can take with the farm? Notes about the farm are, the farm owner lives there but leases the land and stables to another woman who in turn leases to private horse owners. The woman that leases the farm gets volunteers to help with light chores so she can turn a profit. makes good sense to me free labour. my wife did not sign any type of form releasing any parties from injury. I have recently found out that the owner of the horse recently purchased it and has now learned the original owner drugged the horse due to its behavior to sell it. Since this incident about 3 weeks ago the horse has had another out burst and has been put down. I have no documentation of the drugging just third party information. Just wondering what our options are.

You may have a claim against the farm and the owner as well as whoever was responsible for the horse in question. Please call me so we can discuss further and we can get more facts.
Sivan Tumarkin
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