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I was involved in a motor vehicle accident on April 19, 2016. I had been stopped at a red light for a little while when I was hit from behind. I did not go to the hospital to be checked I did call the insurance company right away. I had a very bad headache and some pain in right foot and hand. I have been off work since the afternoon of October 14th 2016 I had not been feeling well for quite some time. I am currently suffering from headaches, dizziness, nausea and insomnia. I was referred to a Specialist to address the insomnia and she advised me to seek a lawyer advice as she believes I have a concussion caused from the car accident. I am currently living in Victoria Harbour, Ontario while being off work. I would like to know if and how to proceed. Secondly, I have two jobs up to January 2014 when I sprained my ankle and worked for a company and was unable to return to work, it took over a year to see that I had torn 2 ligaments and required surgery which was performed in June 2015. I was on short term disability but was denied more than 15 days for a sprained ankle. After numerous appeals a doctor in BC denied my claim and my company says I owe them over $13,000 which they say will be deducted from my pay when I return. I know I am unable to return to this job as I still cannot walk up or down stairs properly and especially carrying any weight. At the time of my accident I also worked for a company as an Office Assistant which I returned to work as I was able to work wearing the support boot but the other company would not allow me to work with the boot. I was able to pick up a morning at the part time job to help offset the loss of pay from not working my other job. I do not see me returning to work at full-time job at this time but feel my claim should never have been denied as the doctor in BC because they were not aware of my job duties and said I could have returned to work wearing a splint which never would have allowed. The MRI confirms that I had 2 torn ligaments and surgery was required to repair the ligaments so how does the Insurance Company deny my claim for disability. I started working in 2004 full-time and added the part-time job in 2006. Any advice on both of these questions would be appreciated. Thank.
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