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Hi; my job position requires a lot of lifting, doing this position for at least 2 years now, I have been getting pains in between my shoulder blades and between my ribs. I went to my family doctor for a regular check up and mention to the doctor about the pains. He had a heart x-rayed and other test to make sure it was not my heart, I still have those pains on a daily basis, when i am off work i do not have those pains, my position is too much for me. I spoke to me employer about being taken off my station because it is to muck for me. I'm. Still waiting on want is going to be done. What are my rights.

Your employer must accommodate you. If they don’t then you may have a case for constructive dismissal for which you could be entitled to severance. If that happens please call or email me at my contact info below and we will help.
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