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Hi, I was working on a construction site in Prince Rupert, BC. My permanent residence is Ontario. Back in October 2017 I was driving a company vehicle on site when a clients company vehicle backed up at a high rate of speed and slammed into the passenger side of the vehicle I was driving. The other party admitted fault. A WCB claim was opened and accepted. The doctor at emergency diagnosed me with whiplash to the right side of my neck and shoulder and referred me to physiotherapy. I did a few sessions of physiotherapy in Prince Rupert and the job ended in November and I was laid off. I returned to Ontario and am presently on EI. I continued my physiotherapy which was covered by WorksafeBC. WorksafeBC covered the cost of the physiotherapy and part of the travel expense to attend physiotherapy. My question is why can I not sue for pain and suffering?

If you have a worker’s compensation case open in relation to this acciden then the law simply does not allow you to sue your co-worker or company. But you may have a legal case for being laid off. Please contact me at my number or email below and we will advise you of your legal options.
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